Additional Media Coverage of our Upper Darby Program

newspaper-dogThe Delaware County Daily Times ran another great piece about our SUPR Teacher program at the Upper Darby School District, titled “Good Feedback on Teacher-Student Relations Program in Upper Darby”.

The piece is based on a progress report that we presented to the Upper Darby School District Board of Directors on 10/25/16, based on a survey of teachers from two middle schools and two elementary schools we have been working with over the past 1.5 years. Some highlights include:

• The program generated positive press for the district, at a national, state and local level (including this piece; an ASCD Express article co-authored with Chris Pugliese, the UDSD Director of Pupil Services; a presentation at the PA Pupil Services Administrators conference; a presentation at the California School Board Association annual meeting; and more).

• 73% of teachers who were coached as part of the SUPR Teacher training (including those coached a year ago, who have had an opportunity to continue implementing the principles we trained them on) said they would recommend the program to other teachers.

• Approximately 60% of teachers said the program helped them improve relationships with their students.

• Approximately 60% of teachers said the program helped make their work more satisfying, suggesting important benefits in terms of reducing teacher stress, burnout, and turnover.

We are proud of our collaboration with the Upper Darby School District, and are very pleased to witness the positive results of the program, as well as the positive press it is generating. Many thanks to everyone at the Upper Darby School District, as well as to the Delco Daily Times and Kevin Tustin for such nice coverage.

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