Relationships in Education: April 2017 Roundup

Top tweets from our Relationships in Education Twitter page: @SUPR_Education

Kids who suffer hunger in first years lag behind their peers in school, especially in social and emotional skills, a recent study finds. By Rhitu Chatterjee (@RhituC).

Teacher-prep slow to embrace social-emotional learning, despite many schools teaching these skills to students. Written by Evie Blad (@evieblad).

The Psychological Approach to Educating Kids reviews social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives and gives evidence for SEL’s positive impact on academic achievement and school environment. Written by Victoria Clayton (@vicclay).

Embedding SEL Across the Curriculum gives helpful tips for implementing SEL and relational skills techniques into the curriculum. Written by Tom Vander Ark (@tvanderark) and Mary Ryerse (@maryryerse).


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