Relationships in Medicine: June 2017 Roundup

Top tweets from our Relationships in Medicine Twitter page: @SUPR_Medicine

Why we trust doctors more if we can relate to them. By Olivia Campbell (@liviecampbell).

5 ways to make a connection with previously unreachable patients include the “5  R’s”: respect, reflection, regard, relevance and resiliency. By Tracy Cardin, ACNP (@tcardin1).

Doctors feel uneasy asking a patient’s sexual orientation & gender identity, even though asking can improve quality of care. By Jan Hoffman (@JanHoffmanNYT).

Depression among doctors is prevalent, but many providers do not seek psychiatric help. By Henry Wong, M.D., Emergency Medicine Resident at Virginia Commonwealth University Health.

Roles of physicians and health care systems in difficult clinical encounters. By Elizabeth S. Goldsmith, MD, MS, Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Minnesota and Erin E. Krebs, MD, MPH, Medical Director of the Women Veterans Comprehensive Health Center, (Minneapolis VA).

Deaf patients struggle to get interpreters in medical emergencies, which impedes quality care and has caused dozens of legal disputes. By Leila Miller (@leilamillersays).

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