Two Ways You Can Help Reduce Student Burnout

As you are well aware, medical students are at terrible risk for loneliness, depression and suicide. A 2016 meta-analysis in JAMA estimated the prevalence of depression or depressive symptoms among medical students at 27.2% and the prevalence of suicidal ideation at 11.1%.

You Can Help Medical Students Receive Better Support

We are looking to expand our team of contributing writers for an innovative national program to educate parents, friends and partners of medical students about the lived experience of medical education. Would you or someone you know like to join our team?

Our program, called “My MD-to-Be”, aims is to strengthen students’ personal support network (parents, partners and friends), rather than letting these relationships deteriorate throughout medical education. We partner with medical schools to email educational resources every 1-2 weeks to support givers that students choose. These resources explain the experiences of medical students and suggest concrete ways to support students. Resources common experiences from matriculation through graduation. Examples of topics include the start of anatomy labs, being asked for medical advice by family and friends, experiencing imposter syndrome, the summer “break”, studying for Step 1, the shelf exams, starting the surgical clerkship (and every other clerkship), thinking about specialties, and many, many others.

You can help us grow our team of writers in two simple ways:

1) Would You Like to Join Our Writing Team?

We have a couple of open spots, and are looking to fill them as soon as possible. As a contributing writer, you would write as few or as many resources as you like, and we will compensate you for your time and expertise. Most importantly, you will be adding your voice and experience to help improve our “My MD-to-Be” program for reducing rates of student burnout, a program that is already being implemented in medical schools across the US. If you are interested, please get in touch:

2) Would You Tell Others about This Opportunity?

Whether or not you are thinking about joining the team, I would be grateful if you took a moment to send this invitation to your classmates, colleagues, friends and/or students. We are looking for writers from every stage of medical education, including medical students, residents, fellows and faculty/attendings.

Thank you so much – and a happy July 4th! :-)

– Eran

Eran Magen, Ph.D.
Scientific Director
Center for Supportive Relationships

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