Relationships in Education: August 2017 Roundup

Top tweets from our Relationships in Education Twitter page: @SUPR_Education

Finland found a proven way to combat bullying. Here’s what it’ll take to make it work in the US. By Dakin Andone, (@dakinandone).

How should educators confront bigotry, racism and white supremacy? Resources for educators in the wake of Charlottesville. By Anya Kamenetz, (@anya1anya).

Building a modern marshmallow test: new ways to measure social-emotional learning. By Evie Blad, (@EvieBlad)

NYC school uses a puppy to promote social-emotional skills in students. By Gabriella Borter (@GEborter)

Georgia school systems are putting more emphasis on student mental health, through more counselors and programs to promote strong student-teacher relationships. By Andrea Honaker, (@TelegraphAndrea)

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