Our Vision: Supportive Relationships for Everybody

We conduct research, provide training, and offer thought leadership to strengthen relationships in education and in medicine.

We consider relationships to be a vital public health resource, and believe that many of the world's problems will be alleviated when every person has access to excellent emotional support.

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A Doctor Experiences Pain, and it’s a Window Toward Empathy: an insightful Boston Globe piece about Dr. Paul Konowitz's own experience as a patient, and how that changed his medical practice.

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Suspending Students Costs Billions in Economic Losses: An Edweek article connecting suspensions and lower graduation rates to higher taxpayer costs. By Francisco Vara-Orta (@fvaraorta).

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Top tweets from our Relationships in Medicine Twitter page: @CSR_Med_

How e-Health Technology Can Help Physicians Form Stronger Relationships with Patients, by Sophia Wang, MD, an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine.

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