Relationships in Education: March 2017 Roundup

Top tweets from our Relationships in Education Twitter page: @SUPR_Education

Suspending Students Costs Billions in Economic Losses: An Edweek article connecting suspensions and lower graduation rates to higher taxpayer costs. By Francisco Vara-Orta (@fvaraorta).

5 Reasons to Invest in the Social and Emotional Development of Students include that social and emotional learning is directly related to students’ academic success and that it makes economic sense, among other reasons. By Alison Burke, (@aeburke).

Lack of Training Contributes to Burnout finds that teachers who are not adequately trained, especially in behavior management, are more likely to experience burnout. By Jeff Hoelscher.

Real-Time Teacher Coaching Using Smart Watch: A video depicting one helpful method for quieting down a noisy classroom. By The Center for Supportive Relationships (@SUPR_Education).

Students More Likely to Succeed if Teachers Have Positive Perceptions of Parents finds that teachers-parent relationships are vital to students’ success. By University of Missouri-Columbia.

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