Relationships in Medicine: December 2016 Roundup

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How e-Health Technology Can Help Physicians Form Stronger Relationships with Patients, by Sophia Wang, MD, an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine.

An Interview with the Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience OfficerAdrienne Boissy, MD (@boissyad), about her new book: Communication the Cleveland Clinic Way: How To Drive A Relationship-Centered Strategy For Superior Patient Experience.

The Role of Attire in the Doctor-Patient Relationship, by Jason Lippman, MD, (@dr_jlippman), an Intern Family Medicine Resident at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

AMA’s new policy regarding the role of physicians as care team leaders, which includes modeling humility, curiosity, openness, and clear communication, among others. Reported in an article by Kevin O’Reilly (@kboreilly).

The Patient Support Corps is a large scale, structured patient-navigator program that helps patients ask the questions they need to ask and consider their options throughout their medical journey. Explained by Jeff Belkora, PhD (@jeffbelkora).

The Things We Have Lost: a moving and personal JAMA article about the psychic cost of medical training, written by Jennifer Best, MD (@drjenniferbest).

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